Is Your Unconscious the Key to Healing Trauma and Anxiety?

Does the key to healing from a traumatic event lie within your unconscious?

According to the work in the 1895 publication, “Studies on Hysteria,” the answer is yes! What the authors of this work, doctors Sigmund Freud and Josef Breuer discovered was that when they were able to take their patients through hypnoid states to recall traumatic events, the physical symptoms caused by the suppressed memories completely healed. It was a 100% success rate on symptoms that ranged anywhere from coughing, eating disorders, to paralysis.

Why is this relevant today?

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How to Stay True to Yourself and “Win” at The Game of Life…

Playing the Game of Life.

There is nothing wrong with being a successful human being. In fact, the purpose of your life is to win. But what if, in your quest for this victory, you were accidentally drawn into a compelling game in which, unknown to you, it was impossible to win no matter how well you performed or religiously followed the “rules?” Where, instead of finding the freedom to run as you wish, you found yourself moving more and more mechanically through your days? And, to make matters worse, each passing day leaves you feeling more frustrated than fulfilled because of an ever-increasing pressure to win.

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10 Terrific Tired-Busting Tips to Boost Your Energy Now!

Exhausted? Worn-out? Overwhelmed? Desperate for a way to relax your mind and rest?

If this sounds like you, and you struggle to relax and take time-out, then this article, how to boost your energy – ten terrific tired-busting tips is just for you.

Most people spend far too many hours at work.

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TMS: An Alternative Treatment for Depression You Haven’t Heard Of

One million people in Australia have depression, two million have anxiety, and many have both. These figures are similar to other Western countries around the world, yet, there is an effective, drug-free treatment for depression no one has heard about.

With societies becoming more and more accepting of mental illness, receiving treatment for anxiety and depression is easier than ever before and most individuals who seek treatment for depression recover.

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3 Amazing Ways that Meditation WILL Transform Your Life

Our minds are constantly engaged in an inner dialogue that involves stories about work, marriage, financial status or that strange look our friend gave us. We experience 60 – 80 thousand thoughts a day and… wait for it… the majority of those thoughts are negative. Wow, right?

So, in order to transform our lives, we must transform our thoughts.

In a world where you truly need to disconnect in order to find a signal, carving out time for stillness and silence is imperative to our health and happiness. Essentially, meditation can create a greater sense of inner peace, emotional balance, love and joy. It’s energizing to realize that we hold the power to increase our own sense of internal happiness, the feeling state our society is frantically striving for. Continue reading

How Practicing Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation Prepares You to Better Handle Stress

Did you know that practicing mindfulness and mindfulness meditation helps you better handle stress?

Actuality, these are few of the best practices you can engage in to increase your capacity to deal with stress. Everyone is exposed to stress, now more than ever.

The key to remaining healthy is to do those things that help your body decrease stress to a greater degree. The easiest way you can achieve that is to practice mindfulness meditation.

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Warm Up With This Delicious Winter Kale Soup Recipe!

There is nothing like a big bowl of hot soup during the winter. It seems to warm the entire body and soul, especially when it’s freshly homemade and you just finished shoveling snow!

During the hibernation months, it’s important to take time to rest and eat warm meals loaded with good fat and lean protein. It’s also best to keep recipes simple so you don’t get stressed when it comes to mealtime.

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What Kind of Bread CAN You Eat? Real Bread!

I often get asked by my clients and friends what kind of bread I eat and realise more and more that bread can be a minefield for some people.

There is a common misunderstanding that many of us can’t actually eat bread, as we can’t stomach the wheat or start to believe we’re gluten intolerant. The truth is however, we can eat bread. It just needs to be real bread.

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How Smudging Can Improve the Energy of Your Space and YOU!

Does your energy feel stuck? Are you looking for holistic ways to regain inspiration? Have you ever thought about using herbs to shift your energy?

One of the ways I help my clients is by sharing how herbs can help change themselves and their surroundings. Many people might not realize that the ancient practice of smudging is the burning of dried herbs. Many cultures have a version of this practice.

The herbs are burned to:

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